Ushers: Men and women are invited to assist in this ministry of hospitality. Ushers arrive early to assist in the preparation of a comfortable environment. They recruit volunteers for the presentation of the gifts, carry the collection baskets to the assembly, and are especially attentive to the needs of the elderly, the disabled and families with small children.

Greeters: As people arrive to begin worship at Saint Isabel's, Greeters extend a friendly greeting to make parishioners and guests feel welcome.  This welcome sets the tone for Celebration of the Eucharist as a community gathered together. This is a wonderful ministry for anyone wishing to take a step into worship service as there is no formal training and you get to meet lots of fellow parishioners. 

For more information please the Parish Office Phone: (239) 472-2763.



Schedule: See Liturgical Ministries Schedules under the Liturgical Ministries tab.