Hurricane Ian

As the destruction Hurricane Ian left behind is revealed to our faith community and island community, we know that everyone is shocked at the stunning devastation to the causeway, our homes, businesses, and our beloved St. Isabel Church. It may be months or longer before we can return to St. Isabel and our wonderful island paradise. It is a difficult time for all of us, we are in this together. Please pray for the people who remained on the island; pray they are rescued and reunited with their families. We also pray for those who have passed away due to the storm. God does not forget us in the midst of great tragedy. Instead, he sits with us during the most difficult moments and helps us persevere. Please know, ware praying for you and your families.
(Deacon Dan Freeman of St. Andrew Parish in Blue Grass wrote this prayer, with inspiration from the Holy Spirit after a devastating storm/derecho)
It has been modified for prayer for all of us devastated by Hurricane Ian.
O Lord, our Almighty Father. 
Maker of heaven and earth; sun, moon, and stars; wind, water, and life. 
We cry out to You, O Lord, 
to rescue us from this destruction that has blown upon us. 
Our buildings damaged or destroyed, and our lives are uprooted. 
We know not where to turn for help, 
as all seems lost and long suffering we await Your help.
Send us Your Holy Spirit, Lord, to remind us that You are still with us. 
You stood beside us and held us as we witnessed the terrible devastation of Hurricane Ian to our worldly lives. 
Now help us realize that You are in the tiny whispering sound that fills our heart with hope and strength to bear all things that You might be glorified.
Open our eyes to see the loving embrace 
that neighbor shares with neighbor to lessen the desolation. 
Let our ears hear of the gentle and kind deeds done in Your name, Lord.
Let our hands offer aid and comfort as we lift each other up to You O Lord. 
Let our lips give You praise for our lives and opportunity to serve our neighbor through Your grace. 
Let our hearts overflow with thanksgiving for the outpouring generosity of the women and men who have come to our aid.
And Lord, help us to understand that it’s not the challenges we face that are important. It’s how we respond to those challenges. 
You asked us to follow You Lord. Help us to follow You in meeting every challenge we face, with faith in Your love, mercy, and salvation.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.