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Related Links


Diocese of Venice:

The Diocese of Venice in Florida web site is an official Catholic publication of the Diocese of Venice Department of Communications. It contains a great deal of basic information and news about the diocese.


Catholic Mass Times: or Roman Catholic Church Near Me

This useful and user-friendly website helps you find Masses wherever you are in the USA. Very handy when you are traveling! The website does its best to keep information accurate and up to date but cannot guarantee its reliability.


Today's Readings:

You will find the Mass readings, responsorial psalm and Gospel for the day here. This is part of the U. S. Catholic conference of Bishops website (see below).


American Catholic:

Enjoy inspiration, information, and helpful products from St. Anthony Messenger Press. Catholic Greeting cards, Saint of the Day, Minute Mediations, Daily Catholic Questions, Catholic News, Prayer requests, Catholic Movie Reviews, free Catholic e-cards, Catholic Update, Every Day Catholic, Ask a Franciscan, Book Reviews, Eye on Entertainment, Friar Jack's e-spirations.


United State Catholic Conference of Bishops:

This is the official website of the United States Catholic Bishops. It has information on a large number of topics and includes an online Bible, the Catechism, publications, movie reviews, coverage of the importance of elections and your vote and more.

Saint of the Day:

This is one section of the American Catholic website, which is for Catholics, all Christians and seekers. Find Roman Catholic Saints, Catholic Church Questions and Catholic News. Post Prayer Requests and send Catholic e-cards. Discover Catholic Books, Catholic Audio Books, Catholic Videos, and a leading Catholic Magazine. from the Franciscans and St.Anthony Messenger.


Vatican Official Website:

Information on the Holy Father, Rosary, Prayers, Documents, and much more is available on this site.


Vatican Radio:

Programs in 40 different languages from 61 different countries.


Respect Life:

Priests for Life is an officially approved association of Catholic Clergy who give special emphasis to the pro-life teachings of the Church. They off ongoing assistance to the clergy and lay people in addressing the topics of abortion and euthanasia, and training and on resources to the entire pro-life movement.


EWTN - Eternal Word TV Network: Global Catholic Network & Radio:

The only 24 hour Catholic TV Network and Radio. A virtual fount of information on all things Catholic: news, apologetics, doctrines, catechism, saints' lives, movies, talk shows, children's programming, specialty sites, Masses, Rosaries, libraries, founding fathers, and much, much more. See Cable TV Channel 27 in Ft. Myers.


U.S. Catholic:

General interest magazine for American Catholics.


Catholic Relief Services:

The official international humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic community.


Catholic Network of Volunteer Service:

Listing of more than 200 volunteer opportunities in the United States and overseas.


Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Venice:

Facts and news of the Diocese of Venice's Catholic Charities activities.


Catechetical Resources:

Free resources for Catholic catechists.


Catholic Educator's Resource Center:

Resource library of the Church's moral and social teachings.


Institute for Catholic Studies and Formation:

The Institute for Catholic Studies and Formation facilitates the need for both post-secondary professional development as well as a growing desire on the part of Catholic adults for comprehensive, systematic and life-long adult faith formation.

The Institute offers multiple opportunities by which laity can pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through an understanding of Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium culminating in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Coursework and workshops are based on authentic Catholic teaching delivered in a variety of instructional methods including: classroom, distance learning, on-site parish presentations and diocesan-wide video-conferencing. The Institute offers professional development including a Master’s Degree from a recognized university as well as diocesan certificate programs in Parish Religious Education, Youth Outreach and Evangelization.