2022 St. Isabel Pictorial Directory

In order to have greater participation in this year's directory, we added photo dates and encouraging participation through photo submissions for those not able to make these added dates.

Why we need a new Pictorial Directory

1.    Connects names with faces. 

2.    Encourages church attenders to become church members. 

3.    Builds a Parish that is more personal. From young couples to senior members, St. Isabel Parish offers a worship environment that is welcoming and the Pictorial directory helps to establish a sense of belonging to our great faith community!

4.    Tells St. Isabel's story and communicates our Church mission.  

5.    A great tool to recognize special times. While building a stronger faith community, the pictorial directory helps to showcase our parish events, and helps to build new ministries with our parish.

6.    Creates lasting memories and quality family portraits.

7.    Keeps current church members engaged.  A church directory helps current members get to know new members.

Our additional dates for photography will be:

  • March 22 & 23 with late mroning and afternoon appointments!
  • All photography will take place in the Parish Hall.

We will be taking all precautions to keep everyone safe.We have selected Universal Church Directories to help us with this project. because they are widely known for their top quality and photography.

You can sign up online at https://www.ucdir.com/   or use this direct connection for on-line scheduling:

Pictorial Directory Scheduling

Our CHURCH Password: photos

Or call 239-472-2763  (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am Noon) to receive sign up assistance.

If these dates don’t work for you, we are asking you to submit a photo to the parish center for inclusion in the directory.  Please use the following information when submitting your photo

  • Photos should be in the vertical position (vs. horizontal); wallet or 4x6 size
  • Photos can be submitted digitally (jpeg, pdf) OR you can submit a hard copy of your photo, on photo paper
  • Please make sure your photo is fairly recent (within the last 12 mos).
  • Please submit photos no later than:  February 26, 2022
  • Please DO NOT send irreplaceable original photographs, nor photos that are copy right protected
  • Please include $15 with your submission – for which you will receive a copy of our Directory!  If the $15 cost is an issue, please contact the parish office.

Your participation – either coming in to be photographed or sending a photo in – is important!  Our new directory will be helpful with staff changes as well as create a great snapshot of our parish at this point in time. Pictorial Directories help our faith community stay connected to each other and help the flock get to know each other!

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the parish office 472-2763.   Thank you!

2022 St. Isabel Pictorial Directory

Call the Parish Office on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday or go online to schedule you appointment today!

Don't delay what you can do today!

Church Code: FL749 Password: photos