What to expect

Attending Mass at St. Isabel Catholic Church

The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted everyone world wide.  At St. Isabel Parish our primary concern during these unprecedented times is the holiness, health, and safety of all our parishioners and visitors. We continue to pray for everyone affected by this health crisis, especially the sick and their care givers.   As we return to public worship we will need to respect the restrictions and guidelines that the health professionals have provided, as well as our state and Diocesan directives. Choices will need to be made on the part of each individual. The DISPENSATION to attend Mass on Sunday has been lifted as of May 1, 2021. We will continue to stream our Daily and Weekend Masses for our Parish Family and all our Friends around the world.

St. Isabel Catholic Church Regular Mass Times:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 8:30 AM --Saturday at 5:00 PM --Sunday morning at 9:30 AM

Please be aware of the following policies and procedures for Saint Isabel Church that all parishioners must follow to attend Mass. 

Before You Arrive

  • Masks for ages 6 and over, face coverings are required on our entire campus and for the duration of Mass.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer that can be used before receiving Holy Communion.
  • Please do not bring items that contain bleach into the sanctuary as this will damage the pews.

 Capacity and sitting

  • For now, Masses are limited to 50% capacity which limits our numbers in our main sanctuary per Mass.

 Arrival Procedures

  • Masks (for ages 6+) should be worn as soon as you leave your vehicle.
  • Arrive 15-20 minutes before Mass begins to be seated.
  • The main doors of the church will open 25 minutes prior to the start of Mass.
  • Access to the church will only be allowed through the main front doors.
  • We will do our best to seat your household.
  • Certain pews will be closed.
  • You may be sharing a pew with another household, but social distance is required between the households.

Mass Procedures

  • Communion will be distributed by Clergy and Eucharistic Ministers, IN THE HAND ONLY.
  • Please keep your face mask on for the duration of Mass.
  • There is to be no physical contact between households at the Sign of Peace or hand holding during the Lord's Prayer.
  • Baskets will not be passed during the offertory. You will be able to place your weekly gift in a basket as you exit the church, and we strongly encourage online giving through:
  • https://saintisabel.weshareonline.org/
  • Your generosity is deeply appreciated more than ever, it is our hope that you continue to support St. Isabel Parish.

Communion Procedures

  • Communion is to be received ONLY in the HAND.
  • The precious blood will not be offered to the congregation.
  • Use of personal hand sanitizer before communion is strongly encouraged.
  • There will be social distancing markings to follow during communion in the center of the main aisles of the church.
  • Masks should be worn in the communion line. After the priest offers you communion please step to the side onto the marked social distancing spot, remove your mask, consume the Eucharist, and then re-mask as you head back to your pew.

Departure Procedures

  • After the final blessing, parishioners are asked to adhere to social distancing rules when exiting the church.
  • The side doors will be used for exit and is based on which side of the pews you are seated.
  • Private prayer is not available after weekend Masses to allow time for cleaning the church.
  • You can drop your weekly offertory in the basket provided as you depart.
  • Clergy will not shake hands in the Narthex.
  • Please do not congregate outside on the campus, but head directly to your vehicle.

Church Cleaning Procedures

  • We will continue to implement cleanliness and sanitizing practices, including disinfecting pews between every Mass. Disinfecting bathrooms, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces.

We care about you. Please follow CDC recommendations regarding your own health. If you  are unable to attend Mass due to illness, please stay home and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and join our Live Streaming Mass at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm6aCBmEPQE

If you have any illness of any kind, or are exhibiting any symptoms, please stay home.

As we each take responsibility to exercise great care  to protect ourselves and others, let us stay mindful that safeguarding our own health and our fellow neighbor's health offers reverent service to God, as Jesus says, whatever we do for the least of our brothers or sisters, we do for Him. Please help to keep everyone safe by following the procedures. Thank you once again for your patience during this challenging time; our Parish community is here for you.

​The hours for church visitation, other than to attend Mass, will remain the same. Please see St. Isabel open for Visitation page on our website for the schedule and guidelines for visitation to St. Isabel.