2023 Catholic Faith Appeal

Every year, the Diocese of Venice places a goal for each parish to provide a certain amount towards an overall needs of the Diocese. For 2023, our Parish responsibility is $153,000.  Our hope is to fulfill our obligation early and ensure our support for these essential programs for the Southwest Florida community.  We ask if you have any additional resources you wish to support Catholic organizations with, that you donate to the Catholic Faith Appeal.  We have a special CFA Weekend in March to assist us with our goal.  Your support, which is fully tax deductible, will provide assistance to thousands in our area.  You can make a donation via Saint Isabel Catholic Church by calling the office, giving to the Diocese directly, or on the website: http://www.saintisabel.org/give

Giving is a very important part of the life of a person devoted to Jesus Christ. More Catholics are responding to the idea of giving a gift that forever perpetuates our Catholic Faith.